What’s New with Smart Series Technology Partners?

Webinar: What's New with Smart Series Technology Partners?

Part of what makes Yaskawa Smart Series the go-to solution for simple automation is the growing selection of plug-and-play technologies that add capability and safety to your customer’s application.

In this week’s webinar, Andrew Boddiford from Yaskawa Innovation will deliver updates on the latest technologies developed for Smart Series robots, including:

  • Gripper kits from OnRobot, Robotiq, Schmalz, Schunk and Soft Robotics
  • Smart Series I/O expansion options from VIPA
  • Safety sensors, mounts, fixtures and protective equipment
  • Integrated vision options from Cognex and OnRobot

Webinar: What’s New with Technology Partners?

Presentation Date:  Thursday, September 17, 2020

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