So Easy, Anyone Can Do It

It wasn’t that long ago when robots first made an appearance in science fiction, captivating audiences in theaters and on televisions with human characteristics and quirky personalities. Industrial robots began making appearances in manufacturing facilities about 50 years ago, and while far different in appearance and capabilities from fictional movie and television robots, they were still new, different and untapped, posing their own difficult challenges. Over the past half-century, robots and robotic automation have become integral to state-of-the-art manufacturing all over the world, while even shifting the use of household items such as vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers. Robots are no longer a cause for apprehension, but rather an exciting technological leap towards improving human lives.

As a trusted global leader in industrial robots and robotic welding, Yaskawa is committed to the continued development of groundbreaking innovation. Over the past several years we have heard our current and future customers asking for more affordable, simple and easy to use robots. In response to this feedback, Yaskawa’s HC10DT collaborative robot with Power and Force Limiting capabilities is designed with a simple teaching component, allowing the user to teach the robot through a Smart Pendant, a standard pendant, or while hand-guiding the robot. User-friendly programming methods provide the opportunity for workers on the shop floor to program the robot, thereby eliminating the need to hire additional staff specifically designated to operate the robot. The HC10DT robot is one of many products that represents Yaskawa’s continuing commitment to easy-to-use and versatile robot technology.

Recently, several groups of students visited our facility in Miamisburg, Ohio as part of our commitment to STEM education and creating excitement and enthusiasm for the new era of manufacturing. As we were reviewing the day’s images, this picture caught our eye. A fifth grader, after minimal instruction, grabbed the HC10DT robot arm and easily guided it towards a point on the table, beginning the process of teaching the robot a specific routine! Unbeknownst to this young man, his actions brought several years of research and development full circle, clearly demonstrating how easy it is to use our HC10DT collaborative robot. Each new generation reflects a higher level of competency and confidence with technology, and his actions demonstrated that confidence.

We know new developments in robotic technology are coming which will make the robotics of today obsolete. With obsolescence, however, new and improved tools appear, designed to ever improve the human experience. This young man’s ability to teach the robot a routine without much training at all serves as a bellwether moment in robotic automation as it transitions to a tool for all ages, no longer reserved for trained robot operators.

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