New Robotic Products to Watch

Part of what makes the Yaskawa Partner Support Team a great resource for integrators is the access we get to the latest robotic grippers, peripherals, software and other accessories that have been entering the scene at quite a rapid pace. We are constantly evaluating new technology to find better robotic solutions for our partners and your customers.

Here are a few we found that are worth considering for your next integration project:

Axatrax Industrial VPN

Vendor: aXatronics

How would you like to upsell faster support for your customers and reduce costly onsite visits? aXatrax is the VPN tool that we use for remote troubleshooting. This secure connection solution enables support teams to edit jobs, install software and monitor installed systems from a remote PC. – website

SLIO Remote IO

Vendor: VIPA Controls (a division of Yaskawa)

There’s a good reason why Yaskawa brought this line into our family. If you’re looking to integrate all your motion under a single PLC platform, VIPA’s MICRO PLC and the SLIO Remote IO system provide a compact, flexible and economical modular solution. – website

FASTSUITE Offline Programming

Vendor: Cenit

We may get in trouble with the boss for promoting a product that shares some similarities to our own MotoSim EG-VRC, but we had to let you know about this OLP solution for its ability to perform accurate path planning and specialized application-specific functions we’ve seen in no other mid-priced simulator. – website

Bin Picking Studio

Vendor: Photoneo

In recent years, we’ve seen speed and capability improve for many 3D vision products – to the point of commercial viability. But hardware cost has been prohibitive for many customers. Photoneo has developed some impressive picking system hardware and software at a lower cost than we’ve seen for comparable solutions. – website

SICK Safety Scanners

Vendor: SICK USA

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a new company, but their line of safety scanners and equipment have really stepped up to the new customer demands of Industry 4.0. SICK has positioned itself as an invaluable resource for “fenceless” automation, from their equipment to their application expertise and safety resources. – website


Vendor: GTE Industrieelektronik

Speaking of “fenceless-ness”, the safety assessment is an important step for cobot customers – and could be a lucrative side business for integrators. But it requires the right equipment. CoboSafe is a force and pressure testing instrument that helps set appropriate PFL settings – a must for any cobot project. – website

What are some of the robotic products that you recommend for adding functionality to Motoman robots? Send your picks to

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