Assure Easy Warranty Support for Your End Customers

The Integrator Shipment Notification Form is now on line on the MSPnet for your convenience. 

Yaskawa Motoman offers a Motomax I one-year warranty standard on all new robots.  That warranty normally starts the day of shipment from Yaskawa Motoman.  System Integrator partners have up to a six-month grace period to build and deliver their system(s) to the end customer.  The warranty for the end customer starts either the day the system is shipped from the System Integrator’s facility or six months after it leaves Yaskawa Motoman, whichever comes first. The mechanism that we use to track this is the Integrator Shipment Notification Form.

For those not familiar with the Integrator Shipment Notification Form and the Yaskawa Motoman warranty, an explanation follows: 

To activate the warranty, simply go to the MSPnet (, login and choose Partner Support on the toolbar.  In the pulldown, choose Integrator Shipment Notification from the “Forms” category.  Fill out the required information, including the End Customer’s full corporate name and robot site address, then submit the form.  We will record the start date of the warranty and the end customer will begin their one-year warranty period.  If this step is not completed, our Customer Service Group would have no way of knowing when the customer’s warranty should start and will begin the warranty period from the date the robot was shipped from Yaskawa Motoman to the Integrator.

Please let a member of the Partner Sales Team know if you have any questions or need further assistance. Feel free to call at (937) 847-3200, option 4, then 1, or email at

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