Motosim Changelog

WHAT’S NEW (2022)

New Features
  1. The following has been updated for the safety logic circuit setting
    1. Support for YRC1000micro
    2. Added a simulation mode that reflects the internal state of VRC
    3. Supported reading/modifying of safety logic circuit files for collaborative robots
  2. Improved the Motor load estimate interface
    1. Automatically calculates DUTY after playback
    2. The color of each axis can be set freely
    3. Added [Fit] button and [Copy] button
  3. Updated the 3D-CAD importing engine
    1. STEP: 203, 214, 242
    2. Parasolid: up to version 34.0
    3. Inventor: up to version 2021
    4. ProE/Creo: up to version 7.0
    5. CATIA V5: up to V5-6 R2021
    6. SAT: up to 2021 1.0
    7. DXF: up to 2022
  4. For YRC1000 and YRC1000micro the functional safety board (FSU) version has been updated to 2.13 and the machine safety board (MS) version has been updated to 2.26.
  5. For YRC1000micro, the safety fence utility robot range limit safety functions are now supported.
  6. In the safety fence utility, the tool interference model of the job which the CALL instruction is called is not supported.  This has been improved so that it is displayed as a caution when a job containing a CALL instruction is selected.
  7. Life estimate function has been improved so that the life of an axis that has not been used is displayed as “over Overhaul time “.
  8. DirectX11 has been added to the graphics driver. The driver with the fastest drawing speed will be automatically selected.  However, OpenGL has been discontinued.
  9. Added support for smooth cursor movement in the external memory menu of the VPP screen in DX200, YRC1000 and YRC1000micro.
  10. Support for Windows 7 has been discontinued.
Bug Fixes


  1. Lines may not be displayed when outputting 3DPDF in cells containing DXF files.
  2. The tool interference model of the teaching point of the P variable of the job is not considered when creating the area in the safety fence utility.
  3. Fixed negative values from being entered in the Z-Upper and Z-Lower planes in the safety function robot motion area limit screen.
  4. Bug in which viewpoint information may be corrupted when saving a cell after splitting a screen and then returning it to a single screen.


  1. Fixed a bug that the YRC1000 may crash when performing a test run or playback on the YRC1000.
  2. Fixed a bug that the direct open of I/O instructions on the YRC1000 cannot be supported.
  3. Fixed a bug that the CTP value of a job in conveyor synchronization of the YRC1000 is different from the teaching position when adding or modifying the position from the Virtual Pendant.
  4. Fixed a bug that infinite wait occurs when saving DAT in external memory.
  1. 1-06VXA50-A00(GA50)
  2. 1-04LXH190-B00(PL190)
  3. 1-06VX4-B00(GP4)
  4. 1-06VX4-F00(GP4)
  5. 1-06VX7-F40(GP7)
  6. 1-06VX8-F40(GP8)
  7. 1-06VX8-F41(GP8)
  1. 1-06VX4-B00(GP4)
  2. 1-06VX4-F00(GP4)
  3. 1-06VX7-F40(GP7)
  4. 1-06VX8-F40(GP8)
  5. 1-06VX8-F41(GP8)
  1. MPXL2600-G00(MPXL2600)
ROBOTS Added to Motor Load and Life Estimate
  1. 1-04LXH190-B00(PL190)

WHAT’S NEW (2021SP1)

New Features
  1. VRC Module version update:
    1. YRC1000 (YAS4.30-00)
    2. DX200 (DN3.11-00)
Bug Fixes


  1. Speed is not correct when the job is created with CAM function. (From MotoSimEG-VRC 2017SP1)
  2. In the CadTree, “Pick Enable” and ”Pick 2 Points” are not non-displayed although it’s set non-display on configuration settings. (From MotoSimEG-VRC 2019SP1)
  3. Cube interference area is not correct on the system with robot calibration.
  4. In the Simple PP, an application error occurs when the number of letters of job comment is over 32. (From MotoSimEG-VRC 2019SP2)
  5. A system alarm occurs when a specific job is opened on Simple PP.
  6. In the Sensing function, signals RIN#2 and more are not selected.
  7. In the Sensing function, input signal is entangled when multiple robots are on a controller. (From MotoSimEG-VRC 2017)
  8. Decimal point is converted “,” (comma) on vcl file with German OS. (From MotoSimEG-VRC 2020SP1)
  9. Variable P cannot be set with OPC sever option function. (From MotoSimEG-VRC 2019SP1)
  10. Robot model of GP300R is departed.


  1. When the controller is created from the CMOS with the Smart Pendant parameter on, the independent control parameter becomes off. (From MotoSimEG-VRC 2018SP1)
  2. The output signal used in the function safety file setting is not reflected inside VRC.
  3. The amount of coasting is not calculated when a safety fence is created with the function safety board disabled.
  4. Conveyor sync cannot be used when the function safety board enabled on YRC1000.
  5. When the cursor is set on a step with BP variable or EX variable, the robot does not move that position.
  6. VRC cannot be created with CMOS with auto start setting and system job.
  7. An application error occurred when playback with station twin coordinated job.
  8. An error is occurred with playback a job with multiple control group on DX100 or FS100.
  9. An application error occurred with playback of dialog function.
  10. Scalar robot of YRC1000micro cannot reach the P variable position.
  1. 1-07VXHLB15-A60(GP15HLB)
  2. 1-06VXL8-A00(GP8L)
  3. 1-06VXH25-A80(GP25)
  4. 1-06VXL35-C00(GP35L)
  5. 1-06VR165-C00(GP165R)
  6. 1-05VX80-A00(PL80)
  7. 1-06VX88-A00(SP80 Equipment)
  8. 1-03VXH225-A00(MPOS225H)
  9. 1-06VXL280-A0(GP280L)
  10. 1-06VXCP20-B00(HC20DTP)
  1. 1-06VX7-B00(GP7)
  2. 1-06VX8-B00(GP8)
  3. 1-06VXHSC20-E10(HC20SDT)
  4. 1-06VXSCP20-B00(HC20SDTP)
  5. 1-06VXCP20-B00(HC20DTP)
  6. 1-06VXL8-A00(GP8L)
  7. 1-06VXCP10-A00(HC10DTP)
  8. 1-06VXCP10-B00(HC10DTP)
  9. 1-06VXCP10-F00(HC10DTFP)
  1. MPX1400-A00(MPX1400)
  2. MPX1400-B00(MPX1400)
  3. MPXL2600-A00(MPXL2600)
  4. MPXL2600-B00(MPXL2600)
  5. MPXL2600-E00(MPXL2600)
  6. MHP45L-A0_WALL(MHP45L)
  7. MHP45L-B0_WALL(MHP45L)
  8. MPO40-A00(MPO40)
  9. MA03120-A0(MA3120)
  10. MH00900-A0(MH900)
ROBOTS Added to Motor Load and Life Estimate
  1. 1-06VX7-B00(GP7)
  2. 1-06VX8-B00(GP8)
  3. 1-06VXL8-A00(GP8L)
  4. 1-06VXH12-F00(GP12)
  5. 1-07VXHLB15-A60(GP15HLB)
  6. 1-06VXH25-A80(GP25)
  7. 1-06VXHSV25-A60(GP25SV)
  8. 1-06VXL35-C00(GP35L)
  9. 1-06VX50-C00(GP50)
  10. 1-06VX50-F00(GP50)
  11. 1-06VR165-C00(GP165R)
  12. 1-06VX180-F00(GP180)
  13. 1-06VR200-C00(GP200R)
  14. 1-06VX600-C00(GP600)
  15. 1-06VX600-F00(GP600)
  16. 1-06VXHSC20-E10(HC20SDT)
  17. 1-06VXHSC20-E11(HC20SDT)
  18. 1-06VXHSC20-E12(HC20SDT)
  19. 1-06VXSCP20-B00(HC20SDTP)
  20. 1-06VXCP20-B00(HC20DTP)
  21. 1-06VXCP10-A00(HC10DTP)
  22. 1-06VXCP10-B00(HC10DTP)
  23. 1-06VXCP10-F00(HC10DTFP)
  1. 1-06VX7-B00(GP7)
  2. 1-06VX8-B00(GP8)
  3. 1-06VXL8-A00(GP8L)
  4. 1-06VXHSC20-E10(HC20SDT)
  5. 1-06VXHSC20-E11(HC20SDT)
  6. 1-06VXHSC20-E12(HC20SDT)
  7. 1-06VXSCP20-B00(HC20SDTP)
  8. 1-06VXCP20-B00(HC20DTP)
  9. 1-06VXCP10-A00(HC10DTP)
  10. 1-06VXCP10-B00(HC10DTP)
  11. 1-06VXCP10-F00(HC10DTFP)
  1. MH00900-A0(MH900)

WHAT’S NEW (2021)

New Features
  1. You can enable / disable speed limit and singularity limit with the collaborative mode button, HC series robots.
  2. Remote Laser is now supported with the YRC1000 controller. Setting files of controller, creating a JOB and play back the JOB can be performed with the remote laser function.
  3. In the “Create Controller no file mode” when creating a new controller, the display order of the models has been changed for the YRC1000 and YRC1000micro.
  4. Safety function is available after creating a controller with a safety function valid CMOS.BIN.
  5. VRC Module version update:
    1. YRC1000 (YAS4.21-00)
    2. YRC1000micro (YBS2.44-00)
Bug Fixes
  1. In the Simple PP function, the comment after the move instruction cannot be deleted.
  2. On the “Job conversion and analysis” screen of retrofit function, the teaching position is shifted because SFTON is counted as a STEP.
  3. MotoSim crashes with the copy function of the controller when copied from another cell.
  4. In the setting of user frame (user coordinate) of the ribbon menu, even if the parent coordinate (basic coordinate) is set to the “user coordinate”, the basic coordinate is set as the “base coordinates” in the controller.
  5. In TransJob , a configuration adjustment is not performed when a job is converted to DX200 or later.
  6. Conveyor tracking function is not used with human collaborative robot of YRC1000micro.
  7. Virtual Robot Controller:
    1. In the robot with the base axis, Arm Interference with Specified Cubic Area Check Function mis detects.
    2. An application error occurs when you save the IPNETCFG.DAT file in a controller DX200 or before DX200.
    3. An alarm occurs when playback with sensing function on DX100.
  1. 1-06VX4-A00(GP4)
  2. 1-06VXH25-C10(GP25-12)
  3. 1-06VX88-C00(GP88)
  4. 1-06VX110-C00(GP110)
  5. 1-06VX180-C00(GP180)
  6. 1-06VX180-120-C00(GP180-120)
  7. 1-06VR200-C00(GP200R)
  8. 1-06VX215-C00(GP215)
  9. 1-06VX225-C00(GP225)
  10. 1-06VX250-C00(GP250)
  11. 1-04LXH190-A00(PL190)
  12. 1-04LXH320-A00(PL320)
  13. 1-04LXH800-A00(PL800)
  1. 1-06VX4-A00(GP4)
  2. 1-06VXHC10-A00(HC10)
    1. MPS1000F-A00(S1000F-A00)
    2. MPT2000F-A00(T2000F-A00)
    3. MPT5000F-A00(T5000F-A00)
    1. MT226BD-A00(Without Manipulator)
    2. MT226GD-A00(With MPX2600)
ROBOTS Added to Motor Load and Life Estimate
  1. 1-06VX4-A00(GP4)
  2. 1-06VXH25-C10(GP25-12)
  3. 1-06VX88-C00(GP88)
  4. 1-06VX110-C00(GP110)
  5. 1-06VX180-C00(GP180)
  6. 1-06VX180-120-C00(GP180-120)
  7. 1-06VX215-C00(GP215)
  8. 1-06VX225-C00(GP225)
  9. 1-06VX250-C00(GP250)
  10. 1-06VXHC10-B10(HC10DT Dust-Proof/Drip-Proof)
  11. 1-06VXHC10-F10(HC10DTF)
  12. 1-06VXHC20-B10(HC20DT Dust-Proof/Drip-Proof)
  13. 1-04-LXH190-A00(PL190)
  14. 1-04-LXH320-A00(PL320)
  15. 1-04-LXH800-A00(PL800)
  1. 1-06VX4-A00(GP4)
  2. 1-06VXHC10-B10(HC10DT Dust-Proof/Drip-Proof)
  4. 1-06VXHC10-F10(HC10DTF)
  5. 1-06VXHC20-B10(HC20DT Dust-Proof/Drip-Proof)

WHAT’S NEW (2020SP1)

New Features
  1. Improved the robot posture adjustment function (dedicated to general purpose) of the CAM function
  2. The speed limit setting is enable when a new controller with a collaborative robot is created
  3. Updated the 3D CAD importing engine so that new CAD data versions are supported
  4. The display driver has been changed to default to OPENGL2…to support the latest PC environment
  5. Supports the size expansion of the CMOS.BIN file and the sealing application in YRC1000
  6. VRC module updated
    1. YRC1000 (YAS4.10-00)
    2. YRC1000micro (YBS2.41-00)
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed expiration date when version of MotosimEG-VRC is older than a year of the license key purchase
  2. An application error occurs when the commands are registered or executed in the quick access toolbar when the cell is not opened
  3. When you double-click CadTree, the edit dialog of the model that is different from the click location is displayed
  4. Robot range limit of safety function is not reflected correctly with MPX3500, MPL16, MH400 and so on
  5. Robot approximate model is not correct at the unique structure robots such as GP15HLB-A60
  6. Virtual Robot Controller
    1. A job area on the VRC is rarely destroyed when you used the JobPad with the FileManager
    2. The MotosimEG-VRC rarely stops when controller is created with ALL.PRM or CMOS.BIN
    3. An error message is displayed when controller is created with CMOS.BIN that setting value of the Independent Control Function is large
    4. An error message is displayed when the Posture Optimization Function of the spot welding application is executed using a job with PULSE type of P variable
  1. 1-06VXHSV25-A60 (GP25SV)
  2. 1-06VR300-A00 (GP300R)
  3. 1-06VR400-A10 (GP400R)
  4. UH0100Y-A20 (UH100Y)
  5. UH0100Y-A21 (UH100Y)
  6. UH0100Y-A22 (UH100Y)
  7. UH0100Y-A23 (UH100Y)
  8. UH0100Y-A24 (UH100Y)
  9. UH0100Y-A25 (UH100Y)
  10. UH0100Y-A30 (UH100Y)
  11. UH0100Y-A31 (UH100Y)
  12. UH0100Y-A32 (UH100Y)
  13. UH0100Y-A33 (UH100Y)
  14. UH0100Y-A34 (UH100Y)
  15. UH0100Y-A35 (UH100Y)
  16. UH0100Y-A40 (UH100Y)
  17. UH0100Y-A41 (UH100Y)
  18. UH0100Y-A42 (UH100Y)
  19. UH0100Y-A43 (UH100Y)
  20. UH0100Y-A44 (UH100Y)
  1. 1-06VXHC10-C11 (HC10DT HAND CARRY TYPE)
  1. UH0100D-J20 (UH100DⅡ)
  2. UH0100D-J21 (UH100DⅡ)
  1. MFL080D-C10 (MFL2400D-2400)
    1. MPD500F-A00 (D500F(A00))
    2. MPD700F-A00 (D700F(A00))
    3. MPD700F-A04 (D700F(A04))
    1. MF_12BD-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1200mm, Without Manipulator (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    2. MF_14BD-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1400mm, Without Manipulator (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    3. MF_16BD-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1600mm, Without Manipulator (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    4. MF_18BD-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1800mm, Without Manipulator (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    5. MF_12AD-A00_SPINDLE ( Arm Length: 1200mm, With MPX1150 (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    6. MF_18CD-A00 (Arm Length: 1800mm, With MPX1950)
    7. MF_18CD-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1800mm, With MPX1950 (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    8. MF_12DD-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1200mm, With MPX1150 Wall (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    9. MF_14DD-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1400mm, With MPX1150 Wall (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    10. MF_14ED-A00 (Arm Length: 1400mm, With EPX1250Ⅱ)
    11. MF_14ED-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1400mm, With EPX1250Ⅱ (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    12. MF_16ED-A00 (Arm Length: 1600mm, With EPX1250Ⅱ)
    13. MF_16ED-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1600mm, With EPX1250Ⅱ (DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
    14. MF_18ED-A00 (Arm Length: 1800mm, With EPX1250Ⅱ)
    15. MF_18ED-A00_SPINDLE (Arm Length: 1800mm, With EPX1250Ⅱ(DOUBLE SPINDLE UNIT))
ROBOTS Added to Motor Load and Life Estimate
  1. 1-06VXH12-C00 (GP12)
  2. 1-06VXHE6-A00 (AR1440E)
  3. 1-06VXHL20-A00 (GP20HL / AR3120)
  4. 1-06VXH25-A50 (GP25)
  5. 1-06VXH25-C00 (GP25)
  6. 1-06VXH25-F40 (GP25)
  7. 1-06VXF130-A00 (PH130F)
  8. 1-06VX140-A00 (SP130)
  9. 1-06VXH110-A00 (GP110H / SP110H)
  10. 1-06VXH180-A00 (GP180H / SP180H)
  11. 1-06VXH180-A10 (SP180H-110)
  12. 1-06VXS200-A00 (GP200S)
  13. 1-06VXH225-A00 (GP225H / SP225H)
  14. 1-06VXH225-A10 (SP225H-135)
  15. 1-06VR300-A00 (GP300R)
  16. 1-06VR400-A10 (GP400R)
  17. 1-04-LXH500-A00 (PL500)
  18. 1-06-VRY200-J00 (PH200R)
  19. 1-06-VRY200-K00 (PH200R)
  20. 1-06-VRY200-L00 (PH200R)
  21. 1-06-VRF200-J00 (PH200RF)
  22. 1-06-VRF200-J10 (PH200RF)
  23. 1-06-VRF200-K00 (PH200RF)
  24. 1-06-VRF200-K10 (PH200RF)
  25. 1-06-VRF200-L00 (PH200RF)
  26. 1-06-VRF200-L10 (PH200RF)
  1. 1-04SX400-A0 (SG400)
  2. 1-04SX650-A0 (SG650)

WHAT’S NEW (2020)

New Features
  1. Motor Load Estimate & Life Estimate functions moved from Options Tab to Tool Tab
  2. U-Shape work mode added to CAM function for painting
  3. Reflection of the tool number in job correction of retrofit function
  4. VRC module updated
    1. YRC1000 (YAS3.04-00)
    2. YRC1000micro (YBS2.34-00)
Bug Fixes
  1. Fixed 3DPDF output in German Language environment
  2. Fixed “Save” icon grayed out when sub-function windows are open
  3. Fixed application error when checking license key in Windows 10
  4. Fixed application error after Playback Start when PC utilization is High
  5. Fixed Robot reach “blue” color reflection missing
  6. DX200 VRC
    1. Sequence wait occurs while doing ARCON in ARC+ARC application
    2. Application error occurs when loading the expanded memory in motor gun system
  1. 1-06VX7-F00 (GP7)
  2. 1-06VXHC10-F10 (HC10DTF)
  3. 1-06VXHC20-B10 (HC20DT)
  1. 1-06VX7-F00 (GP7)
  2. 1-06VXHC10-F10 (HC10DTF)
  3. 1-06VXHC20-B10 (HC20DT)
  4. 1-04SX400-A00 (SG400)
  5. 1-04SX650-A00 (SG650)
  1. MHP045L-A00 (MHP45L)
  2. MHP045L-B00 (MHP45L)

WHAT’S NEW (2019SP3)

New Features
  1. Now possible to test Safety Logic Circuit, input simulation
  2. Updated NX100 virtual pendant keyboard layout to match the DX100 keyboard layout
  3. VRC module updated
    1. YRC1000 (YAS2.94-00)
    2. YRC1000micro (YBS2.31-00)
    3. DX200 (DN2.87-00)
Bug Fixes
  1. Improved stability
  2. Fixed freezing in Windows 10
  3. Fixed a few bugs related to 3DPDF, scaling, and conveyors
  4. Smoother install process
  5. Fixed issue where some YRC1000 robot models could not use conveyor tracking
  1. 1-06VXH25-F00 (GP25)
  2. 1-06VX50-F00 (GP50)
  3. 1-06VX180-F00 (GP180)
  4. 1-06VXH10-B10 (HC10DT)
  5. 1-04LXH500-A00 (PL500)
  6. 1-06VXH225-A10 (SP225H-135)
  1. 1-06VXH10-B10 (HC10DT)

WHAT’S NEW (2019SP1)

New Features
  1. Add images to model library.
    1. Note: must zoom-in to model first (better image capture).
  2. Display’s three-colors for frames, user coordinates, and AXIS6
  3. Shows expiration date and optional features in version information.
  4. Added “Pick Enable “and “Pick 2 Points” to Cad Tree window.
  5. Improved the saved display position of dialog windows.
  6. The name was changed for the ability to change the parent model of any model.
  7. Functional Safety Robot operation area setting support function improvement.
  8. Opening a cell from an older version…can now automatically create a back-up.
  9. VRC module updated
    1. YRC1000 (YAS2.80-00)
    2. YRC1000micro (YBS2.21-00)
    3. DX200 (DN2.42-00)
Bug Fixes
  1. A problem when there are multiple spaces in the path of a cell.
  2. Failure to operate CadTree when closing the Change Coordinate Origin dialog.
  3. MotoSim backup function fails to create compressed files.
  4. If the syntax of IFTHENEXP, ELSE, FOR, WHILEEXP, contain spaces, when the job is opened on the job pad, it displays a message whether to discard it even if it is unedited.
  5. Ability to change the default settings for folders that contain cells and model libraries (set on the option screen and other tabs) A bug that allows you to display multiple folder selection dialogs.
  6. Problems with the NX100 moving robots that are not operating during position panel operation.
  7. FS100 encounters an application error when opening a cell with multiple controllers.
  8. A bug that unintentionally hides the display of another model when the model is hidden.
  9. Failure to end path planning execution dialog when changing controller configuration.
  10. Something is wrong with the positioner when you create a station cooperative path using a single-axis positioner in CAM
  11. Failure to perform path planning on cells that contain conveyors.
  12. Something is wrong with the display of the robot approximation models of the DX200 MPL series.
  13. Failure to use step search for R1+S1 jobs with motor load estimate function.
  14. Error when converting from YRC1000 with retrofit feature.
  15. I/O event results are not drawn when you manually change the I/O.
  16. STEP import data failure.
  17. YRC1000 problem with malfunctioning motor load factor estimation function in a model with a balancer.
  1. 1-06VXHL20-A00 (AR3120)
  2. 1-06VXH12-C00(GP12)
  3. 1-06VXH12-F00 (GP12)
  4. 1-06VXHL20-A00 (GP20HL)
  5. 1-06VXH25-A50 (GP25)
  6. 1-06VXH25-F40(GP25)
  7. 1-06VX50-C00(GP50)
  8. 1-06VXH110-A00(GP110H)
  9. 1-06VXH180-A00(GP180H)
  10. 1-06VXS200-A00(GP200S)
  11. 1-06VXH225-A00(GP225H)
  12. 1-06VX600-C00(GP600)
  13. 1-06VX600-F00 (GP600)
  14. 1-06VRY200-J00 (PH200R)
  15. 1-06VRY200-K00 (PH200R)
  16. 1-06VRY200-L00 (PH200R)
  17. 1-06VXH110-A00(SP110H)
  18. 1-06VX140-A00(SP130)
  19. 1-06VXH180-A00(SP180H)
  20. 1-06VXH180-A10 (SP180H-110)
  21. 1-06VXH225-A00(SP225H)
  1. MPP003H-A00
  2. MPP003S-A00
 ROBOTS Added to Motor Load and Life Estimate
  1. SP100B-A00 Outfitting Model
  1. MA01440-A00
  2. MH005LS-J00
  3. MPL0160-J00
  4. MS0080W-J00
  1. MH12-A00

WHAT’S NEW (2018SP2)

  1. 3D graphics speed improvement
  2. Simulations can be saved in a Sharepoint friendly format
  3. 3DPDF’s can be created even when Fast playback is enabled
  4. Cutting Plane display state is now saved with the cell
  5. Scaling is auto-configured for HIDPI displays
  6. User settings can now be imported and exported
  7. TeachPoint Model: models can now be created from taught jobs
  8. Model Library: Subcategories can now be created and model scripts will be saved with the library model
  9. Relative Move added to CADTree Layout Function
  10. Improvement to CADTree (drag and drop functionality, and model highlight)
  11. Robot Range Limit Safety Fence Setting
  12. Updates to 3D CAD importing (STEP 242, Inventor 2019, Creo 4.0, Solidworks 2018, CATIA R28, DXF 2018, and Parasolid 30.0)
  13. New Controller versions added for NX100, DX200, YRC1000, & YRC1000micro
  14. New robot models added
  15. New robot models added to Motor Load/Life Estimate

WHAT’S NEW (2018)

  1. YRC1000 Controller update (YAS2.02-00)
  2. YRC1000micro Controller update (YBS1.10-00)
  3. New VPP Alarm contents added
  4. Paint Spray Simulation added
  5. CAM function – Select continuous edge
  6. Controller Backup is defaulted to ON
  7. Improvement of NX100 controller in Windows10
  8. Operation Handle works for multiple robots
  9. Copy/Paste added to CADTree Position Input Area
  10. MOTOFEEDERII added
  11. New robot models added
  12. New robot models added to Motor Load/Life Estimate

WHAT’S NEW (2017SP2)

  1. Updated Model Library
  2. New features added to OLP
  3. Updated features added to Job Pad
  4. Additional functionality added to the Simple Pendant
  5. Layout Function added to .MDL Creation
  6. Home Position added to Position Panel
  7. Change Default Cell Folder Location
  8. 3DPDF Improvement
  9. Supports 11 or more stage masters
  10. CAM function compatible with external reference points
  11. Enable CIO initialization/automatic selection when loading a simulation from the CMOS.bin
  12. New Robot added to Motor Load estimate
  13. New Robot Models
  14. New Positioner Models

WHAT’S NEW (2017)

  1. Job conversion (update jobs to new controllers)
  2. Safety Fence Setting (for interference checking)
  3. Trajectory Difference Report
  4. YRC1000micro Controller added
  5. Cable Simulation
  6. Path Planning
  7. Tool Tab added
  8. External Axis Tool added to CAM Function
  9. General CAM Function improvements
  10. Updated Robot Layout Function
  11. Updated Collision Detection
  12. I/O Simulation Improvements
  13. Working Trace Function Improvement
  14. Rearrange Travel Axis Function
  15. Conveyor Synchronization added to YRC1000
  16. Create simplified Model
  17. Updated YRC1000 and DX200 controller versions
  18. Model Library…Multiple Tool Data Support
  19. New Robots
  20. New Positioners

WHAT’S NEW (2016SP2)

  1. Windows 10 compatible
  2. YRC1000 Controller added
  3. Automatic controller backup during File/Save
  4. Updated Collision Detection
  5. Added DeleteFile/PasteFile to the CAD Tree
  6. User Frame Setting Updated
  7. Arc welding simulation setting updated
  8. New Robot models

WHAT’S NEW (2015SP3)

  1. Custom Model Library location
  2. Enable Real-time playback (under the heartbeat settings)
  3. Simplified conveyor tracking initialization
  4. Layout robot function (automates best position for robot)
  5. Mechanical Mirror…automates the painting of left robot to the right robot.
  6. Controller firmware upgraded from 1.8 to 1.94
  7. add and fixed FSU capabilities