YRC1000 Upgrade

YRC1000 Upgrade

YRC1000 Upgrade

Latest Version: YAS4.28.00A

System Requirements

NOTE: Systems with HC10 and HC20 arms will require additional changes by Yaskawa. Contact one of the organizations below before proceeding with a controller upgrade:

These instructions assume the upgrade is being done via our Standard Pendant. If you have a Smart Pendant and no access to a Standard Pendant please contact one of the resources above for assistance.

Installation Instructions

Full instructions are available at this link.

YRC1000 Upgrade Flowchart

Post Install Tips

Users of the Standard Pendant may find the default language has been changed to Japanese. To toggle between installed languages, press the SHIFT and AREA Keys simultaneously.

You may be prompted to perform a Safety Flash Reset (ALARM 0300 VERIFY ERROR...).  Below are the steps to complete a Safety Board Flash reset. Smart Pendant users will perform these using the Software Pendant.

  • Boot to Maintenance Mode (Hold Main Menu key as power is applied to controller)
  • Change Security to Safety (System, Security, Safety Mode. Password all 5's)
  • Select File
  • Select Initialize
  • Move cursor to Safety Flash Reset Select and confirm
  • Wait for Reset to complete. You will know reset is complete when cursor will move highlighted bar.
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