Download MotoSimEG-VRC 2021

Download MotoSimEG-VRC 2021

Download MotoSimEG-VRC 2021

Released in June 2021, the new version of MotoSim EG-VRC includes UI improvements, cobot-specific features as well as new robot models.

Release Notes/Changelog

Recommended Hardware Specifications

Disclaimer:  This software requires a hardware security key to run.  These downloads are self-serve for existing customers participating in the software maintenance agreement.

For new licenses, call 937-847-3200 and choose integrator sales support (Option 4) from the menu.

Existing Licensees:
If using MotosimEG VRC 2017 to 2020SP1: Download software only.
If using MotosimEG VRC 2016SP2 or prior: Download software and key utility. 

Security Key Notice on 2021 Version:

Unless you recently received a new key for Motosim, you will mostly likely see this message when you launch Motosim 2021.

It is reminding you that 2021 is the last version of Motosim that will work with your key. You can continue to work in 2021 with your existing key, but you will need to have your key firmware updated before using the next version (MotosimEG VRC 2022). The updated key utility is available for download on this page. When you're ready to perform the upgrade, you can download the new key utility on this page, and follow the upgrade instructions.

After completing the appropriate downloads at the bottom of this page, proceed to:

Installation Instructions


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