Call for Presenters: Virtual Events

To all integration partners, distributors and technology providers: 

Yaskawa is offering the opportunity for guest presenters and panelists to join our continuing webinar series and future virtual events we are planning for the year. This is a great opportunity for our partners to share their knowledge as technical experts and thought leaders in automation, and generate sales leads.  If you would like to participate, we’d love to hear from you! 

How It Works 

  1. Use the Webinar Submission Form to describe your idea. 
  1. Upload your slides or presentation outline. 
  1. If accepted, we will work together to promote and present your event to end customers 
  1. You will receive the registration / attendee list for follow-ups, as appropriate 
  1. We will post the recording in our Webinar Archive and share the video with you. 

Submission Guidelines 

Subject Matter 

We are looking to reach potential end customers who are either new to robotics, or want to improve their existing operations. 

Avoid being too salesy in the approach, unless it’s a new product release.  Sure, you can sneak in some slides about your business and capabilities, but content should primarily focus one area of your expertise that helps solve specific customer challenges. 

You can see our past and upcoming webinars here:

Areas of focus can include: 

  • How Yaskawa robotics can be used effectively in specific applications (palletizing, machine tending, paint, etc.) 
  • Using automation to solve industry-specific business challenges (logistics, CPG, automotive) 
  • Utilizing new robotic technology (vision, grippers, AI, software, etc.) 
  • Successful approaches to Integrating robotics (cell design, project methodology, HMI, industrial networks, upstream/downstream processes, etc.) 

Format & Visual Guidelines 

The typical webinar format usually consists of a narrated slideshow, accompanied by some videos. We have also done online events in a roundtable/panelist format, as well as livestreams from our demo lab. 

  • Slideshows can be used in PPT or PDF formats (80MB size limit) 
  • Slideshows should avoid using animations or embedded media. 
    • You are encouraged to use video in your presentation, but video files should be submitted separately with the corresponding slide numbers.
  • Slides may include your branding & templates, but we may add Yaskawa-branded intro slide(s) 
  • Avoid showing other robot brands in photos/videos 
  • If you’re planning to show customer parts or custom-designed cells, or mention specific customers by name, you must provide proof that you have permission from the end customer. 
  • You will need proper equipment to present on our webinar platform (Demio) from a remote location: computer (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Edge web browser), webcam, microphone, quiet space and stable web connection. We can accommodate up to 4 presenters for a single event. 
  • If your presentation is in a panel/roundtable format (no slides), or a live stream, please submit an agenda in outline form, with sample questions.
  • Our webinar platform can also present live polls, handouts and “offers” (website links) to the audience. Include these ideas in your submission. 


Please submit your slides no less than a month in advance of your proposed presentation date.  If you are flexible, we will provide a timeslot for you. 

We typically run 2 webinars per month, scheduled for Tuesday – Thursday, mid-afternoon ET to cover all US time zones. 


Contact Steve Rueckhaus, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist for any questions or inquiries about your submissions. 


Phone:  937-847-1437 

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